Honda Miniature Motorcycles

Honda Miniature Motorcycles

Not Short, But Fun-Sized!

Honda Grom, Monkey, and Super Cub in Orlando, FL

Not everyone wants to wrangle a massive, bulky motorcycle to get around town. The bigger the powersports vehicle, the most difficult it is to control. This is especially difficult for new riders who are struggling to figure out how to make the darn machine go - they don’t need to struggle to stay in control of it as well. Plus, larger vehicles are more expensive to obtain and maintain. The classic large motorcycle just isn't a good fit for all riders. That's where Honda's mini-bikes come into play. Each motorcycle is the embodiment of fun, from it's lightweight design to its charming color schemes.


2019 Honda Grom in Orlando, FL2019 Honda Grom in Deltona, FL2019 Honda Grom in DeLand, FL

The 2019 Honda Grom
 Shake Up Your Routine

We all have to spend time getting from point A to point B. You can spend that time cramped on public transportation or passively sitting in a car (in the same posture you do when lazing about on the couch). Or you can spend that time on a Honda Grom motorcycle bringing fun and thrills back into your life. You get a great performance experience from the 125cc engine to the single-cylinder design to the four-speed transmission. It’s all the speed and power you need without any you don’t. Its lightweight design keeps you agile and able to dart around town. Who knew commuting could be so fun?

2019 Honda Monkey in Orlando, FL2019 Honda Monkey in Deltona, FL2019 Honda Monkey in DeLand, FL2019 Honda Monkey in Orlando, FL2019 Honda Monkey in Deltona, FL2019 Honda Monkey in DeLand, FL

The 2019 Honda Monkey
Get Into Some Monkey Business

The Honda Monkey first launched in the 1960s and won the hearts of users just like a frisky baby monkey would. Over the years, the Monkey kept up its playful spirit to make it a fun powersports option for new and experienced riders alike. Enjoy the vintage aesthetic combined with modern technology, which gives you the best of old and new. Who knows what mischief you'll get into on this motorcycle?


2019 Honda Super Cub in DeLand, FL2019 Honda Super Cub in Orlando, FL2019 Honda Super Cub in Deltona, FL2019 Honda Super Cub in DeLand, FL2019 Honda Super Cub in Orlando, FL

The 2019 Honda Super Cub
Everyone's Favorite is Back Again

The Honda Cub is the most popular and most produced motorcycle ever unleashed. The 2019 Super Cub takes all the iconic aspects of the old vehicle, such as the fun-loving spirit and eye-catching design. Then it adds in innovative technology to keep you safe speeding down those city streets. Hop aboard and you'll see why so many people around the world claimed a Honda Cub of their own. Who knew following the crowd could be so fun?

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